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Nostalgy is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird whose purpose is to save time by doing more operations with the keyboard. If you want to use Thunderbird without sacrificing the productivity you had with good old mutt/pine, this extension is for you!

Recent versions of Nostalgy work have been tested with Thunderbird 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 (alpha).

Nostalgy adds keyboard shortcuts to change the current folder, to move/copy selected messages into another folder, to add/remove/view tags; the selection of the target folder is made through an auto-completion box where you can type part of the folder name. There are also commands to improve the navigation between Thunderbird's three panes. And more!.


To install the extension, first download the .xpi file. In Thunderbird, select the menu Tools/Extensions or Tools/Add-ons, click Install, and select the .xpi file.

You can choose to download either an "official" version of Nostalgy, hosted on, or a development release from here. The development release can include new features or fix some bugs (and it can also add new ones!). The version from will automatically update itself when new versions are available.


The development release you can download from this page is a snapshot (taken on random intervals) of the current development tree. For the most impatient users, it is also possible to track directly the development tree itself. You only need a working Subversion client.

svn co nostalgy-read-only

This command creates a new directory nostalgy/ and puts in it a copy of the current development tree. To update the tree, you must do, from within this directory:

svn up

Good news: you don't have to manually install a .xpi file in Thunderbird each time something changes in Nostalgy. You can set up your Thunderbird environment to use directly the files from the nostalgy/ directory. If you do that, you only need to do svn up and then restart Thunderbird to run the current development tree.

Here is how to set up your Thunderbird environment. You should firsy uninstall Nostalgy and exit Thunderbird. Then, the first step is to locate the extensions/ directory of your Thunderbird's profile. Under Unix, it is usually located in a directory like $HOME/.thunderbird/12345f.default/extensions. In this directory, you should see one sub-directory for each installed extension. Just create a new file in this extensions/ directory with a single line that contains the absolute path to the directory where your working copy has been created. The name of this file must be nostalgy@alain.frisch.


Many thanks to all the users who submitted bug reports, feedback, donations, and improvements to the documentation!

Nostalgy is completely free and open source. Some users kindly offered to make a donation. You can send money to Nostalgy's author through Paypal (account:, or following this link).

Some web pages about Nostalgy:

Nostalgy in action